The Positive Publicity concerning Danish Music at EFEx continues

By Henrik Friis |

Two weeks after the festival has ended the positive remarks regarding the Danish partnership with the English folk and industry festival are still turning up.

– It was not just the possibility of presenting music from another country – it was also a huge pleasure to see that our guests received the Danish music so well and that they liked it.

Terry O’Brien, producer of the English folk music festival EFEx, is full of praise after the Danish participation at the festival in Bury two weeks ago.

The positive statements from the festival’s audience concerning the Danish presence has continued after the festival, and as O’Brien now has to do some form of status she finds it hard to say anything negative.

– The internal collaboration worked really well. Not because we had to surrender our ideas – but because we listened to each other and dealt with eventual problems beforehand. We found the right bands and venues – both for the reception and for the actual concerts. This takes time but we were all patient and it paid off in the end.


– At EFEx we had three goals and they were all fulfilled. 1) As a festival we wanted to create a relationship with another country – which has succeeded. 2) We wanted to present something new and exciting for the British folk milieu – and the Danish bands really gave the industry a new experience. Bonds between Denmark and the UK has been created. 3) We wanted to present new bands and experiences to our audience – which also was a success, says Terry O’Brien, who continued getting positive feedback at last week’s industry festival Womex in Budapest.

Helge Hinteregger from Music Austria told us at Womex that he thought the international partnership with Denmark was perfect and he would not change a thing if we managed to do a partnership with Austria.

And Kelda Manley from Record Journal Management & Agency loved Basco and has actually already recommended them to another festival who did not attend EFEx.

And more may yet to come. A survey regarding EFEx, initiated by the festival this year, will be published in December.

The next EFEx Festival will be 13th-16th October 2016. Besides the British music the festival will this time focus on the Flanders. However, it is likely that there will be some red and white participation either from the industry or by musicians, if the seeds planted this year continues to sprout.

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