Folk Live – a radio program featuring great Danish bands recorded live at Tønder Festival!

By Morten Alfred Høirup | is an online radio station focusing on Danish roots and folk music around the clock.

The station is offering playlists collected by folk music entusiasts, as well as live music, news reports, and other programs featuring interviews and Danish roots, folk, trad, blues, song-writers and world music. The programs are hosted in Danish and often also in English, and to listen is free of any charge.

We suggest that you check out these great Danish bands recorded at Folk Spot Denmark, a showcase organized by the famous Danish Tønder Festival and ROSA-Folk (Danish Rock Councils Folk Music Department). Listen to the concerts on demand or podcast at:

The performers are bands like Dreamers’ Circus, Habadekuk, Jensen & Bugge, M.C. Hansen, Basco, Ida Wenøe, Phønix, and many more.

The concerts are performed at Tønder Festival in front of a happy mix of Danish folk music entusiasts, and of international media people and festival organizers, flown in from Europe, Scandinavia and North America.

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