EFEx: A gateway to the UK market for Danish folk music

By Folkemusik.dk |

The Danish folk scene has been undergoing rapid changes in recent years and a growing number of Danish folk artists are taking on the international stages – both at small club venues and at major European festivals such as Glastonbury Festival in the UK, Dranouter Festival in Belgium and Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

In correspondence with a professionalisation of the Danish folk scene the UK market is becoming more and more relevant for Danish folk artists. At ROSA we believe that EFEx can be the gateway to the UK. Therefore, we are very fond of the partnership between ROSA and EFEx, and we hope to be able to build an inspiring platform for networking and for establishing good relations with the UK music professionals.

We are also proud to introduce great Danish folk music to a UK audience that will surely appreciate that originality, craftsmanship and playfulness goes hand in hand with deep respect for the roots and traditions. It is our hope and belief that both ROSAfolk and EFEX will benefit from this partnership.

ROSA is a political umbrella organisation that represents a number of music societies and organisations. By means of funds from the Music Law, ROSA supports Danish rock and folk music, and genres related to these. Furthermore, ROSA aids public authorities in regard to political questions of cultural and musical character, and in regard to questions concerning rock, pop and folk music. ROSA also supports the development and awareness of Danish rock and folk music, both at home and abroad.

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