DMA Blues Winner Mike Andersen: The Award is a Seal of Approval that holds a Great Deal of Value – Especially Abroad

By Nadia Donnerborg |

Mike Andersen, the winner of this year’s DMA Danish Blues Album of the Year, hopes to gain enough momentum as to obtain a breakthrough abroad.

From the 22th of September to the 27th of September 2015 the blues once again sounded all over Copenhagen. The festival was home to the DMA Blues Award Show and 50 concerts at 18 different venues. Amongst the performing artists this year was the uprising talent Selwyn Birchwood and The Chicago based blues band Mississippi Heat known for their ‘Traditional Blues with a Unique Sound’.

The DMA (Danish Music Awards) Blues Award Show was held at sold out Amager Bio and the winners were Big Creek Slim who won the Danish Blues Name of the Year award and Mike Andersen who won the Danish Blues Album of the Year award for the album ‘Home’.

After the show Mike Andersen commented that ‘I am first and foremost very proud of having received this form of recognition. I am particularly pleased with the Jury’s statements – they have really grasped the essence of the album’.

Andersen went on to emphasise that the recognition might help him obtain a breakthrough abroad; ‘It will help me sustain momentum – of course this form of approval is vital to me. The award is Denmark’s version of a Grammy and it holds a great deal of value abroad.’

The Jury’s motivation for honouring Mike Andersen also highlighted the notion of reaching beyond Denmark;  Mike Andersen’s album ‘Home’ displays a very high standard in Danish music, with a powerful sound and an intensely personal and emotional voice. The personal lyrics dealing with issues such as homesickness and loneliness reach far beyond the borders of Denmark’.

And Mike Andersen is starting to gain an international audience, he is already a household name in Norway and is scheduled to tour in Germany in the new year.

Photo of Mike Andersen: Birk Kromann

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