Danish folk and roots music on tour abroad

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Several Danish folk music acts are touring abroad this autumn, and the coming spring will see just as busy tour schedules for many Danish folk musicians

The folk fusion band Himmerland will soon go on tour in the UK, and in October the band will embark on a long tour in Chile. In April next they are going to Australia, where they have gradually acquired a loyal fan base.

In late October Basco are to play two concerts in Norway, and in January, the band will be part of the impressive line-up for Celtic Connection in Glasgow.

The trio Gangspil, which consists of Kristian Bugge, Sonnich Lydom and Morten Arnfred Høirup will play a number of concerts in the USA from September to December.

The Duo Fromseier – Hockings will be on tour in Belgium in November, and they are currently working on a tour in Germany in February.

This September Nordicana troubadour MC Hansen is playing in the Netherlands and Germany, while singer Ida Wenøe is playing gigs in Texas.

In the blues department Tim Lothar has a number of concerts lined up in Germany in November and in the spring of 2017, and Thorbjørn Risager & the Black Tornado’s schedule for the next six months is packed with gigs in Norway, Sweden, England and France.

Cisser – Germany – March/October 2016
Svøbsk Quartet – Norway – October 2016
Himmerland – the UK – September / October 2016
Himmerland – Chile – October 2016
Himmerland – Australia – April 2017
V. Poulsens Kapel – Canada – October 2016
Gangspil (Lydom, Bugge Høirup) – USA – September/October/November/December 2016
Modern Roots – Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany – September 2016
M.C. Hansen – the USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany – August/September 2016
Djursland Spillemænd – the Netherlands – September 2016
Ida Wenøe – USA – September 2016
Tim Lothar – Germany – November 2016 and spring 2017
Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado – Norway, Sweden, England and France – late 2016 and spring 2017
Basco – Norway – October 2016
Basco – Scotland – January 2017
Maja & David – Norway – October 2017
Fromseier Hockings – Belgium – November 2016
Fromseier Hockings – Germany – February 2017

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