A busy Danish violin & guitar duo touring in Denmark, Norway & Shetland!

By Morten Alfred Høirup |

Folk Musician of the Year 2015 (Danish “Grammy”), Violinist Ditte Fromseier, and her husband as well as musical partner, guitarist Sigurd Hockings, has been playing together for quite some years now, and they have toured in large parts of the world including Denmark, Germany, Norway, New Zealand and Australia.

The duo plays a fascinating blend of traditional music, some of Ditte’s compositions, and a few Danish songs, and they have had very good reviews and reactions around the world.

In the weekend of April 28th – May 1st, Fromseier Hockings will be performing at Shetland Folk Festival, then in June they are touring in Denmark with Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser and American cellist Natalie Haas, only to continue to Norway where they are playing at Geitenberg Folk Festival.

In July they travel to the remote Danish island of Bornholm, where Ditte was born, to do a few concerts, and in August they perform at the famous Danish Tønder Festival for a large and mixed audience of happy Danish folk music entusiasts, and business people from the international roots and folk music scene.

In November Fromseier and Hockings tour in Belgium, but more about that later.

More info at: www.fomseierhockings.com

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